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Ok it's been awhile but lets start the year with a battle between two Prehistoric Kaiju!

In the Red corner we have Rodan! A huge species pteranodon who has both fought and fought with Godzilla. A fan favorite of many Kaiju lovers, Rodan is known as the fastest flying kaiju by a very good margin, creating destructive sonic booms in his wake. Rodan can also cause who gusts of wind by flapping his wings that even cause the mightiest of monsters to struggle just to keep standing. He has been known to resist Godzilla's mighty atomic ray in the Showa days and earned a uranium heat ray of his own in the Heisei era. Needless to say this classic monster is a force to be reckoned with.

In the Blue corner we have Titanosaurus! A marine theropod dinosaur monster who is taller than Godzilla (no where near as tough though). Also considered a fan-favorite by many Titanosaurus, although normally a peaceful and placid dinosaur, can cause an insane amount of destruction when under mind control or even just has the motive to. Titanosaurus obviously has an advantage in the water but on land he is no pushover. Titanosaurus is not only a brute, but can also cause destructive gusts with his tail fin. Although Titanosaurus has a weakness to super sonic waves, he seems to have gained his own ranged attack in the form of a sonar beam in Godzilla Unleashed. Whether you want to consider this cannon is up to the voter.

The fighters are set and ready to brawl to the death.

1. Who will win and why?
2. Who is your favorite of the two and why?
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Honestly I'm just a guy who loves Kaiju, dinosaurs, and dragons. I'm kind of obsessed but hey I am who I am. I have no real artistic talent other then scetching but it really pales in comparison of what I see on this site. I'm just here to enjoy and comment.

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